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View Designer in Azure Monitor is retiring on 31 August 2023

Published date: September 01, 2020

Azure Monitor is moving the custom views experiences from View Designer to Workbooks. Workbooks is the visualization tool for Azure Monitor as it provides a customizable canvas to build rich, interactive reports, and analysis narratives.

Key benefits include:

  • Seamless connection with data sources from Azure Monitor Metrics, Azure Resource Graph (Alerts and Resources), Azure Health and Azure Monitor Logs
  • Access to a suite of visual controls such as hives, graphs, maps, thresholds other than pie charts, bar charts and lists for your selection

How does this affect me?

View Designer create and clone functionalities will be disabled on 30 November 2020. However, you can continue to access, edit and deploy existing views until 31 August 2023. After 31 August 2023, we no longer support View Designer (including existing views) in Azure Monitor under Log Analytics Workspace. 

What actions should I take?

Take advantage of Workbook rich capabilities and start transitioning your custom views to Workbooks using the transition guide.

If you have a support plan and require technical support, please contact us.

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