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Monitoring your Azure Data Explorer Clusters with Azure Monitor (Insights) - public preview

Published date: January 11, 2021

Get comprehensive monitoring of your Azure Data Explorer Clusters along with a unified view of your Azure Data Explorer performance, operations, and usage by using Azure Monitor for Azure Data Explorer (Insights) - Preview.

Built on the Azure Monitor Workbooks platform, Azure Data Explorer insights offers:

  • At scale perspective, displaying a snapshot view of performance based on the clusters' main metrics, to easily track performance of queries, ingestion, and export operations.
  • Drill-down analysis of a particular Azure Data Explorer cluster to perform detailed analysis based on metrics and platform logs (commands, queries, and tables logs). With this view, you can:
    • Monitor the cluster with a unified view of the cluster's key metrics, including metrics for queries, ingestion, and export operations.
    • Identify query look back patterns per table and compare it to the cache policy.
    • Identify tables that are used by the most queries and tables that are not queried.
    • Track growth history by table size, hot data, and the number of rows over time.
    • Inspect the top CPU consumers.
    • Find changes in the number of queries by user and track the number of unique users over time.
    • Identify top users by failed queries.
    • See top users by command and query count.
    • See the query count, CPU, and memory consumptions over time.
    • Get a summary of active Advisor recommendations and resource health status.
  • Customizable view, allowing you to change which metrics you want to see, modify or set thresholds that align with your limits, and save your own workbook, including the ability to pin charts in the workbook to Azure dashboards.

Azure Monitor for Azure Data Explorer is available now in the Azure Monitor and Azure Data Explorer blades in the Azure portal.

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