General Availability: Azure Redis Cache


Azure Redis Cache is a distributed, in-memory, managed cache that helps you build highly scalable and responsive applications, by providing you with fast access to your data. It’s based on the popular open-source Redis Cache, and it gives you access to a secured, dedicated Redis cache that’s managed by Microsoft.
  • High performance: Azure Redis Cache helps your application become more responsive, even as user load increases. It also leverages the low-latency, high-throughput capabilities of the Redis engine. This separate distributed cache layer allows your data tier to scale independently for more efficient use of compute resources in your application layer.
  • Great features: Redis is an advanced key-value store, where keys can contain data structures. It supports a set of atomic operations on these data types, and it supports master/subordinate replication, with fast non-blocking first synchronization, auto-reconnection on net split, and more. Other features include transactions, Pub/Sub, Lua scripting, and keys with a limited time to live.
  • Easy to use and manage: Provision Redis cache using the Azure Preview portal. You can use Redis from most programming languages used today. Easily manage and monitor health and performance in the Azure Preview portal. Let Microsoft manage replication of the cache for increased availability.
Azure Redis Cache is offered in two tiers:
  • Basic: This is a single cache node, ideal for development/test and noncritical workloads.
  • Standard: This is a replicated cache in a two-node Primary/Secondary configuration. We manage automatic replication between the two nodes. An SLA is available on the Standard tier.
For more information, visit the Cache webpage. For a comprehensive look at pricing, visit the Cache Pricing Details webpage.


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