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Azure Machine Learning - Ignite, November 2021 public preview announcements

Published date: November 02, 2021

Deploy and inference models with Azure Machine Learning anywhere, including on-premises, in multi-cloud environments, and at the edge.  With Azue Arc integration, you can use any Kubernetes cluster and extend machine learning to run close to where your data lives.  These capabilities help you meet security, regulatory, and other requirements for your enterprise.

With Text Classification Multi-Class project type you can assign a single label to each document. In case of Text Classification Multi-label project type, you can assign multiple labels to each document. Review and export your labeled dataset, as well as monitor and track the progress of labeling projects. Use ML Assist, to automatically pre-label text documents and perform human in the loop review.​​

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Azure Arc-enabled machine learning

Create a data labeling project and export labels

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