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Updated App Service Authentication portal experience is now generally available

Published date: April 01, 2021

This version has all of the features of the previous Authentication / Authorization experience, but new capabilities not previously available in the portal will be added in future updates.

App Service Authentication allows apps to log in users and require that requests to the app be authenticated using a federated identity provider. New apps needing these capabilities are encouraged to start with this experience. Apps already using the Authentication / Authorization experience from before may continue to do so, as that experience is still available in the portal but has been renamed “Authentication (classic)” to reflect these changes. The new experience can also migrate existing apps after a confirmation. Before performing this migration, please do note that it is not a reversable operation.

In addition to usability improvements and setup, the experience also works differently with the Microsoft Identity Platform. Apps created with the Microsoft provider can now support all account types, and there is no longer an option to configure a separate provider for personal accounts. Apps migrated from the previous experience which had the Microsoft Account provider configured will still have it available as “Microsoft V1” with no change to runtime operation.

Feedback may be provided through the “Send us your feedback” option built into the experience.

Learn more about Microsoft Identity Platform.

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