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Azure Migrate private endpoint support available in public preview

Published date: June 09, 2021

Azure Migrate Private Link support allows you to connect privately and securely to the Azure Migrate service over an ExpressRoute private peering or a site-to-site VPN connection.  

You can now use the Azure Migrate: Discovery and Assessment and Azure Migrate: Server Migration tools to securely discover, assess, and migrate servers over a private network using Azure Private Link.  

With the Azure Migrate Private Link support, you can:  

  • Execute faster: Leverage existing ExpressRoute private peering circuits for greater migration velocity. 

  • Be compliant: Adhere to organizational policies and requirements to not traverse public endpoints.  

  • Be secure: Achieve additional network-level protection and guard against data exfiltration risks. 

The functionality is now in public preview in all public regions. Get started on how to use Azure Migrate with private endpoints. Learn how to replicate data over ExpressRoute with Azure Migrate. 

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