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Azure API Management will retire 5 legacy metrics in Azure Monitor on 31 August 2023

Published date: September 03, 2020

Azure API Management integrates natively with Azure Monitor and emits metrics every minute, giving customers visibility into the state and health of their APIs. To enable a more granular view of API traffic and better performance, we have introduced a new metric named Requests. The new metric replaces five legacy metrics that have been retired since May 2019.

How does this affect me?

After 31 August 2023, the following metrics will no longer be available:

  • Total Gateway Requests
  • Successful Gateway Requests
  • Unauthorized Gateway Requests
  • Failed Gateway Requests
  • Other Gateway Requests

What actions should I take?

Start using the new Requests metric in Azure Monitor for API management, which is now generally available.

Learn more about Monitoring published APIs in API Management. If you have a support plan and require technical support, please contact us.  

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