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Azure Lab Services updates: GPU size, saving images, and connecting to on-premises resources

Published date: April 02, 2019

This month, we released some of the most requested features for Azure Lab Services:

  • GPU size: We introduced GPU size to the existing size SKUs. A teacher can now pick GPU size for their lab during new lab creation. 
  • Connecting to on-premises resources: This feature can be used if the virtual machines in the lab have a software that must connect to on-premises license servers to acquire license, or if virtual machines in the lab need access to data sets (or any other files) on the university's network shares.
  • Saving an image: This feature helps teachers and lab admins save a template virtual machine image so it can be reused during new lab creation. Template virtual machine images are saved in the Azure Shared Image Gallery.
  • Sending a registration link in email: This feature helps teachers easily email registration link to all students or send individual emails without having to use another email client for sending registration links. 
  • Connecting to Linux machines by using Remote Desktop: This feature is available during lab creation. Enabling this setting opens a Remote Desktop port on the Linux machines. Teachers and students can then connect to their machines by using Remote Desktop after installing RDP and GUI packages on the lab machines. 

To provide feedback or make suggestions, go to the feedback forum.

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