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At-scale monitoring for Azure Site Recovery with Backup center

Published date: January 09, 2023

Backup center has been the go-to place for our backup customers that provides a single unified management experience in Azure for enterprises to govern, monitor, operate, and analyse backups at scale. We have now enhanced Backup center to provide at-scale monitoring capabilities for Azure Site Recovery users.

Today, ASR customers must go to every Recovery Services vault to monitor the replicated items and jobs. With this update, they can get at scale monitoring for their replicated items, jobs and manage them across subscriptions, resource groups and locations from a single view in Backup center. This will be a powerful tool for all customers to easily monitor Site Recovery at scale. 

Azure Site Recovery users can now use Azure Backup center for at-scale monitoring and management capabilities across subscriptions, resource groups, and regions like:

  • View entire replicated items inventory on a day-to-day basis from a single view across the vaults,
  • Single pane of glass to monitor all your replication jobs.

Backup centre supports Azure VM, VMware and Physical machine scenarios for Azure Site Recovery.

Learn more about these new capabilities of Backup center.

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