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Generally available: Metric charts support for split-by operations on multiple dimensions

Published date: March 15, 2023

Azure Monitor offers customers the ability to explore, query and plot metrics about the performance and health of resources via the Azure Portal. Many of these metrics offered via Azure Monitor have dimensions that help further describe the values observed for their resources and applications. It is often helpful to perform filter and split operations on these dimensions to slice and dice the metric data to gain a deeper understanding. The Azure Portal’s metric charts now support the ability to perform the splitting operation on multiple dimensions on a metric; this was previously limited to support only one dimension. Now users can take a metric for their application like “API Calls” with the dimensions “Region” and “Status Code” and use the “split-by” operator on both dimensions. This would result in a separate line on a chart for each combination of region and status code (ex. New York-500, New York-200, Seattle-200); allowing users to quickly identify which regions may be having the highest error rates.

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