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General availability: Azure Automation supports Availability zones

Published date: November 09, 2022

Azure Automation now supports Azure Availability zones to provide improved resiliency and reliability to the service, runbooks and other automation assets. In the event when a zone is down, there's no action required by you to recover from a zone failure and the service would be accessible through the other available zones. The service detects that the zone is down and automatically distributes the traffic to the available zones as needed. Availability zone support for Automation accounts supports only Process Automation feature to provide an improved resiliency for runbook automation. Learn more about Availability zones and regions supported currently by Azure Automation.

In addition to high availability, you must have a disaster recovery strategy to handle a region-wide service outage or a zone-wide failure to reduce the impact of unpredictable failure events in your environment. An important aspect of a disaster recovery plan is preparing to failover to the Automation account replica created in advance in the secondary region, if the Automation account in the primary region becomes unavailable. Follow the detailed guidance to setup disaster recovery for Automation accounts and use the PowerShell script to migrate assets from primary region to secondary region of your choice.

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