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Public preview: New Azure Virtual Machine Scale Set and Spot Virtual Machines capabilities

Published date: October 12, 2022

A new Virtual Machine Scale Sets feature that enables Azure customers to include standard and Spot Virtual Machine types in the same virtual machine scale set is now in preview. 

This new capability is available with flexible orchestration mode and can help you achieve significant cost savings given the deep discount rates that Spot Virtual Machines usually provide. Virtual Machines Scale Sets flexible orchestration mode provides you with the ability to deploy highly available large-scale cloud infrastructure quickly, reliably, and easily. You can also set up policies that define the percentage allocation of standard versus Spot Virtual Machines. The number of standard VMs that need to be running at any given time, in addition to the percentage of Spot Virtual Machines, can also be defined.   

Additionally, you can now include all VM series in your Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets deployments regardless of the orchestration mode you choose. You can now include M, H, L, N, and G-series VMs within your virtual machine scale set. This feature is in preview with flexible orchestration mode. 

We have also added support for the latest Arm-based Azure VMs as part of Virtual Machine Scale Sets.

Learn more about the latest Azure Spot Virtual Machines and Virtual Machine Scale Sets capabilities. 

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