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Azure Blob storage—Blob Index now available in preview

Published date: May 06, 2020

Use Blob Index to store and query multi-dimensional object attributes that describe your data on Azure Blob storage. Blob Index is a managed secondary index that provides native object management and filtering capabilities, allowing you to categorize and find data based on attribute tags set on the data. This feature alleviates the data management and querying problem with support for all blob types, allowing you to easily store and access both your data and classification indices on the same service to reduce application complexity.

To populate the blob index, define key-value tag attributes on your data, either on new data during upload or on existing data already in your storage account. These blob index tags are stored alongside your underlying blob data. The blob indexing engine then automatically reads the new tags, indexes them, and exposes them to a user-queryable blob index. Using the Azure portal, REST APIs, or SDKs, you can then issue a FindBlobsByTags API call to specify a set of criteria. Blob storage will return a filtered result set consisting only of the blobs that met the match criteria.

To learn more, read the blog post.

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