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Azure.Source - Volume 57

12 de novembro de 2018

GA of Azure Event Hubs for Apache Kafka, new productivity and security capabilities for Azure SQL DW, new partnerships for Azure Maps and Azure Digital Twins, and so much more.

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

IoT for Smart Cities: New partnerships for Azure Maps and Azure Digital Twins

6 de novembro de 2018

Over recent years, one of the most dynamic landscapes undergoing digital transformation is the modern city. Amid increasing urbanization, cities must grapple with questions around how to strengthen their local economies, manage environmental resources, mitigate pollution and create safer, more accessible societies.

Principal PM Manager, Azure Maps

Update 18.11 for Azure Sphere in public preview

15 de novembro de 2018

In September 2018, Azure Sphere was released for public preview. Today, we are pleased to announce the 18.11 update to the Azure Sphere Operating System, Azure Sphere Security Service, and Visual Studio development environment.

Partner Architect, Azure Sphere

Azure Toolkit for IntelliJ – Spark Interactive Console

15 de novembro de 2018

We are pleased to reveal the release of Spark Interactive Console in Azure Toolkit for IntelliJ. This new component intends to facilitate your Spark job authoring, and enable you to run code interactively in a shell-like environment within IntelliJ.

Principal Program Manager, Big Data Team

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