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Standard Load Balancer now generally available

Published date: April 10, 2018


Azure Standard Load Balancer is now generally available in all public regions.

Standard Load Balancer enables you to scale your applications and create high availability for small scale deployments to large and complex multi-zone architectures.  You can create resiliency for all your virtual machine resources inside a virtual network. It supports inbound as well as outbound connections, provides low latency and high throughput, and scales up to millions of flows for all TCP and UDP applications.

Standard Load Balancer enables Availability Zones with zone-redundant and zonal frontends as well as cross-zone load balancing for public and internal scenarios. You can scale Network Virtual Appliance scenarios and make them more resilient by using internal HA Ports load balancing rules.  Standard Load Balancer provides new diagnostics insights with multi-dimensional metrics in Azure Monitor.

We encourage customers to evaluate this new ability for their scenarios and visit the Standard Load Balancer documentation page for more information.

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