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General availability: New Azure proximity placement groups feature

Published date: October 10, 2022

We’re announcing the general availability of the intent feature in Azure proximity placement groups. Proximity placement groups are a popular logical construct among customers running very latency sensitive workloads such as SAP and HPC. Proximity placement groups are used to physically locate Azure compute resources close to each other to provide best possible latencies.

With the addition of the new optional parameter, intent, you can now specify the VM sizes intended to be part of a proximity placement group when it is created. An optional zone parameter can be used to specify where you want to create the proximity placement group. This capability allows the proximity placement group allocation scope (datacenter) to be optimally defined for the intended VM sizes, reducing deployment failures of compute resources due to capacity unavailability. The new intent feature can now be used across all regions and it is supported through CLI and PowerShell interfaces.

To learn more about the new proximity placement groups' intent feature, refer to the documentation proximity placement groups - Azure Virtual Machines | Microsoft Learn.

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