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Updated SDKs for Android M and XCode 7/ iOS 9

Published date: August 31, 2015
Some breaking changes in Android M and XCode 7/iOS 9 impact our SDKs and will impact your apps.Action item – Please upgrade your app with the latest version of the SDKs to ensure that your app is able to work and support these new platforms for Android M and XCode 7/iOS 9.Android M SDK changesAndroid changed the permission model starting with Android M, and some permissions are now managed at runtime and need explicit user approval. We made changes in our SDK to react to this. For more details about the integration and the changes you need to make in your app, see the Android M permissions section of How to Integrate Engagement on Android.SDK download location:AzureSDK-mobilengagement-android-4.10XCode 7 / iOS 9 SDK changesThe minimum supported deployment target for your iOS app has changed from iOS 5 to iOS 6. We also removed a third-party library, which was crashing the app when compiled with XCode 7 for iOS 9 while sending poll results, app information, or extra data.Please note that if not recompiled with XCode 7 for iOS 9, your existing app will not crash from our changes, but it may happen if you rebuild it with the new tools.SDK download location:AzureSDK-mobilengagement-IOS-3.10
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