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Power BI Embedded: Get visual data

poniedziałek, 2 kwietnia 2018

When a user interacts with a visual, they have the option to export data through the ellipsis menu in the upper-right corner. The application can now extract data that is shown in the visual. This allows the application to get the visual's data and trigger business logic based on the data.

For example, a marketing manager wants to start a discount campaign for customers who are most likely to leave the service. The manager starts with the visual that contains the churn probability of customers. The manager can filter customers who are most probable to churn. Then, instead of exporting the underlying customers data and then adding customer details to the campaign one by one, the application can provide a one-click action to do that. By adding Start discount campaign on the menu of the visual, the app can use the Get Visual Data API to retrieve all the customer's details. It automatically adds them to the campaign list and activates it.

This is just one example of how the app can use the underlying data. There are many more ways to use it.

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