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Generally available: Data mapping for transforming data at ingress in Azure IoT Central

Published date: January 04, 2022

You can now send device telemetry in different shapes and transform the telemetry into structured data at Azure IoT Central ingress. Data mapping in Azure IoT Central enables you to map a JSON path in device message to a friendly name (alias) at a device level. IoT Central will then use the device alias information to provide a structured data (mapped data) that you can leverage to create device templates and device management experiences in IoT Central such as Rules, and export the mapped data to any destination. With this capability, you can send industrial equipment data into IoT Central and create device management experience for your industrial equipment. 

Using IoT Central portal, you can map the data for any or all your devices. Navigate to a device Raw data view, expand any telemetry message and hover the mouse pointer over a message path to add an alias. Once an alias is mapped to a JSON path, you can verify that IoT Central is mapping the telemetry by checking the ‘_mappeddata’ section in Raw data. 

Watch the demo for Data Mapping in Azure IoT Central or learn more about transforming telemetry on ingress in Azure IoT Central.



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