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Azure Monitor updates

Published date: September 25, 2017

From Azure Monitor, you will be able to get at-a-glance reporting across your environment on the health and performance of your Azure services. Azure Monitor will offer a unified dashboard view of analytics and notable issues across applications, infrastructure, and networks, as well as serve as a starting point for navigation and onboarding to various monitoring services in Azure. Using a new interactive query language and cross-resource correlation, Azure Monitor and Azure Log Analytics will be more deeply integrated to provide even richer data analytics and insights.

Also released for Azure Monitor is a public preview of a completely revised metrics exploration experience that will support rendering charts for both multi-dimensional and non-dimensional metrics. You can plot charts overlaying metrics from diverse types of resources, multiple resource groups, and subscriptions. In the new Metrics Explorer, it will be possible to simultaneously view multiple charts and to visually correlate trends, spikes, and dips in metrics values. For the resources that support multi-dimensional metrics (for example, Application Insights or Storage), you will be able to apply filters on the desired dimension or value combinations, and/or add grouping to see a line for each dimension value.

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