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Generally Available: Azure Kubernetes Service introduces two pricing tiers: Free and Standard

Published date: February 01, 2023

To better communicate the benefits and use cases for the two control plane management options, today, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) is introducing two pricing tiers: Free tier and Standard tier. Previously, few customers were aware of the uptime SLA support, and many did not have the uptime SLA feature enabled for critical production workload. With the Standard tier, we hope to help increase customer awareness and allow customers to gain the full benefits of the Standard tier for production workload to minimize disruption. 

AKS's unique Free tier allows you to only pay for the virtual machines, and associated storage and networking resources consumed, and you get the managed Kubernetes control plane for free. This allows you to deploy unlimited free test clusters to decide if AKS is right for your needs and allows you to configure and test your infrastructure set-up before running critical production workloads. The Free tier is recommended for clusters with less than 10 nodes and for experimenting, learning, and simple testing. 

The new Standard tier is the recommended control plane management pricing option which comes with greater control plane resources, scalability and the existing uptime SLA support. Customers currently signed up for the uptime SLA support will automatically be moved to the Standard tier with no change in cost or action needed. Standard tier not only includes the uptime SLA, but it will also include additional features such as support for up to 5000 nodes per cluster and API server autoscaling.

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