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General availability: Ephemeral OS disks for Azure VMs support additional VM sizes

Published date: October 28, 2021

You now can choose where to store Ephemeral OS disks, either in VM temp disk or on VM cache. This feature enables Ephemeral OS disks to be created for all the VMs, which don’t have cache or have an insufficient cache (such as Dav3, Dav4, Eav4, and Eav3) but has sufficient temp disk to host the Ephemeral OS disk.  DiffDiskPlacement is the new property that can be used to specify where you want to place the Ephemeral OS disk.

Key features of Ephemeral OS disk include:

  • No storage cost for the OS disk
  • Faster reimage for VMs and scale set instances
  • Higher IOPS compared to persistent disks 

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