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Azure Virtual Network Manager user-defined route (UDR) management now in public preview

Publicatiedatum: 02 mei, 2024

User-defined route (UDR) management in Azure Virtual Network Manager is now in public preview!

This feature enables you to describe your desired routing behavior in Azure Virtual Network Manager by defining and applying routing rules to multiple subnets and virtual networks without manually configuring the route tables for each subnet. UDR management works by creating a routing configuration consisting of routing rules and applying those routing rules to collections of subnets or virtual networks – achieving the application of different routing behaviors quickly and easily at scale.

You can use Azure Virtual Network Manager’s UDR management feature to accomplish various scenarios, such as routing all traffic from either new or existing spoke virtual networks to an Azure Firewall except if the destination is in the same virtual network, routing traffic between spokes across different hubs, and more.

To learn more about this feature, please see the public documentation on UDR management (concept and how-to).

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