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Azure Purview resource set pattern rules available in public preview

Published date: April 20, 2021

At-scale data processing systems typically store a single table in a data lake as multiple files. This concept is represented in Azure Purview by using resource sets. A resource set is a single object in the data catalog that represents a large number of assets in storage. To learn more, see the resource set documentation.

When scanning a storage account, Azure Purview uses a set of defined patterns to determine if a group of assets is a resource set. In some cases, Azure Purview's resource set grouping may not accurately reflect your data estate. Resource set pattern rules allow you to customize or override how Azure Purview detects which assets are grouped as resource sets and how they are displayed within the catalog.

Pattern rules are currently supported in public preview in the following source types:

  • Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2
  • Azure Blob Storage
  • Azure Files

To learn more on how to create resource set pattern rules, see our step-by-step how-to documentation

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