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Azure Functions Runtime 2.0 breaking changes

Published date: August 14, 2018

The upcoming release of the Azure Functions Runtime 2.0 introduces some major improvements to the runtime, triggers, and bindings. However, some of these changes will cause breaks to existing apps deployed with the v2 runtime. Full details and a discussion are available on GitHub.


To avoid impact, you can “pin” your function to the current v2 version, which will give you time to update, validate, and deploy the changes to your apps. Instructions on how to do that are included in the GitHub announcement linked above. The release will take some time to roll out globally and is scheduled to start on Friday, August 17.


Thank you for helping us validate and improve the v2 runtime while it’s been in preview. We look forward to finishing up work and bringing it out of preview in the coming weeks. If you have questions or issues, please use the discussion link posted in the GitHub announcement.

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