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Azure Advisor Score is now in preview

Published date: September 22, 2020

Azure Advisor Score is a measurement of the optimization posture of your Azure resources based on Azure best practices. Advisor Score can be found in Azure Advisor in the Azure portal. Following Advisor Score helps you get the most out of your Azure investment. From a dashboard in Advisor, you can monitor and work on optimizations for cost, security, reliability, performance, and operational excellence across your Azure resources.

Advisor Score helps you:

    • Understand the current state of your optimization posture.
    • Improve your optimization posture by prioritizing which recommendations to remediate first.
    • Report on your optimization progress over time.

Advisor Score is calculated on a scale from 0% - 100% in aggregate and for each of the five Advisor categories. A score of 100% means all your resources tracked by Advisor follow all the best practices recommended in Advisor. A score of 0% means that none of your resources follow the recommended best practices. Advisor Score weighs all resources those with and without active recommendations by their individual cost relative to your total spend. This builds on the assumption that the resources which consume a greater share of your total investment in Azure are more critical to your workloads. Advisor Score also adds weight to resources with longstanding recommendations.

For example, if you have two underutilized virtual machines one costing $50 per day and another costing $100 per day shutting down the $100 VM would have twice the impact on your score, unless the $50 VM had been idle longer. For every 30 days that a VM is underutilized, Advisor Score increases the weight by 50%. In this example, if the $50 VM was idle for 60 days, and the $100 VM was idle for only 1 day, shutting either one down would have the same impact on your Advisor Score.

Read the Advisor Score documentation.

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