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Public Preview: SDK type bindings

Published date: February 15, 2023

Azure Functions triggers and bindings enable function authors to easily integrate event and data sources. For most of the language stacks supported by Functions, triggers and bindings have been limited to simple types that are passed into the function signature. Today, Functions is introducing preview support for more types, such as those from the Azure SDKs. The initial preview will support the .NET Isolated worker and the Azure Blobs trigger and input binding. The capability will be extended to more extensions and language stacks in the future.

Now, a .NET function in an isolated worker process could, for example, start with a BlobClient passed into it. Using that type, the function can stream data incrementally and process larger blobs than it could before. Some workloads may see throughput improvements as well. Function authors should be aware that if a binding expression relies on trigger data, the trigger itself cannot be one of the newly supported types.

You can learn more about this support from the documentation. Please report any issues on the .NET isolated worker GitHub repository.

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