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Announcing the new VNet Integration feature in App Service

Published date: October 17, 2017

For Azure App Service, a new version of the VNet Integration capability enables access to resources across service endpoints or Azure ExpressRoute connections. 

Like the earlier version, the new VNet Integration feature only enables your app to make calls into your virtual network. It does not affect inbound traffic to your app. 

This feature is in preview in all public regions. It has the following characteristics: 

  • No gateway is required to use it. 
  • You can access resources across ExpressRoute connections without any additional configuration beyond integrating with the ExpressRoute-connected virtual network. 
  • The app and the virtual network must be in the same region. 
  • The new feature requires an unused subnet in your Azure Resource Manager virtual network. 
  • Your App Service plan must be a Standard, Premium, or Premium V2 plan. 
  • The new capability is available only from newer Azure App Service scale units. The VNet Integration UI in the portal will tell you if your app can use the new feature. 
  • Production workloads are not supported on the new feature while it’s in preview. 
  • Your app must be in an Azure App Service deployment that’s capable of scaling up to Premium v2. 
  • The feature doesn’t work for apps in an App Service Environment. 
  • The feature currently works just with Windows apps. 

To use the feature, go to the networking UI in the portal. You’ll see a capability to use the new preview feature. Select the Resource Manager virtual network that you want to integrate with, and then either create a new subnet or pick an empty pre-existing subnet. 

You can read more about the feature in the documentation

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