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Azure Synapse Link for Azure Cosmos DB: Azure Synapse serverless SQL pool support in general availability

Published date: March 02, 2021

With Azure Synapse serverless SQL pools for Azure Synapse Link, you can run familiar analytical T-SQL queries over data in Azure Cosmos DB in place and build rich near-time business intelligence (BI) dashboards. You can now get 2-3 times faster analytical T-SQL query times on Azure Cosmos DB data, as compared to preview. As announced earlier, Apache Spark in Azure Synapse Analytics is also in general availability, offering you multiple options to perform no-ETL analytical processing on Azure Cosmos DB data, without impacting the performance of your transactional workloads.

You can also benefit from the following enhanced security capabilities for Apache Spark in Azure Synapse Analytics and Azure Synapse serverless SQL pools:

  • Network isolation using managed private endpoints for Azure Cosmos DB analytical store, within managed virtual networks in Azure Synapse
  • Data encryption in analytical store using customer-managed keys
  • Use pre-configured SQL credentials instead of using Azure Cosmos DB account keys inline, for analytical T-SQL queries using serverless SQL pools in Azure Synapse
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