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App Service Environment v3 now generally available

Published date: July 07, 2021

App Service Environments (ASE) v3, available through Isolated v2 App Service plans, are now generally available. The updates to ASE v3 include a simplified deployment experience enabling a highly secure, isolated app hosting environment for you to run your most sensitive web workloads.

  • This is a single tenant system, with no public internet dependencies, that deploys in your azure virtual network.
  • You can secure your workloads without affecting the ASE. The minimal set of networking endpoints that need to be secured is now just what the applications in the ASE require.
  • Availability zone support is available with ASE v3 in some regions.
  • You can deploy an ASE v3 on a dedicated host group. This allows you to have a dedicated system all the way down to the hardware.

This new ASE v3 allows you to customize your application security while Azure secures the infrastructure dedicated to that workload. By removing the per instance stamp fee and we've reduced the cost of deploying your web apps on the Isolated v2 offering by up to 75% versus Isolated v1. Additional savings are now available through Reserved Instance pricing on Isolated v2. 

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