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Public preview: Azure Spring Cloud start and stop, bring your own persistent storage, and Service Connector

Published date: November 17, 2021

As of November 2021, these new features are now available in Azure Spring Cloud:

Start or stop your applications in Azure Spring Cloud (preview):Your applications running in Azure Spring Cloud may not need to run continuously. You can minimize the active footprint and cost of Azure Spring Cloud by reducing the running instances when they are not needed.

Bring your own persistent storage (preview): Bring your own persistent storage to Azure Spring Cloud to store application logs and additional Application Performance Monitoring (APM) agents. This feature further empowers you to do advanced troubleshooting by leveraging heap dump, thread dump, and Java Flight Recorder.

Connect your apps with Azure services with Resource Connector (preview): You can now connect your applications running in Azure Spring Cloud with Azure services like databases, storage, messaging, Key Vault, and more—all with just one command or a few clicks.

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