Power BI Workspace Collections is being retired

2018년 2월 27일 화요일

Power BI Workspace Collections is being retired. Migrate to Power BI Embedded by June 30, 2018, for continued support of embedded analytics in your app. By migrating, you’ll avoid service disruptions and gain an improved experience through the simplified API surface.

After June 30, 2018, visuals embedded through Power BI Workspace Collections will no longer be viewable in your apps. Application data will be available in the Power BI Workspace Collections service until December 31, 2018. By transitioning to Power BI Embedded, you can ensure that your app users will still be able to view embedded visuals, and you’ll have continued access to your data.

Note that customers with an Enterprise Agreement signed before June 2017 will have until the end of that agreement to migrate to Power BI Embedded.

Learn more about Power BI Embedded and how to migrate to Power BI Embedded. For additional questions about these updates, visit the Power BI community forums.


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