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New updates to Azure IoT device simulation

Published date: December 04, 2018

Device simulation helps you build simulated devices that look and behave like the real thing. With Device simulation, gather, process, analyze, and act on data from simulated devices allowing you to test your solutions near end-to-end. Evaluate how well your solution processes, manages, and presents the data being generated by your simulated devices.

  • Get up and running instantly by using sample devices and sample simulations when you care less about the actual data and just want to see data flowing through the system.
  • Get a prototype up and running quickly and iterate at amazing speeds by adjusting simulated device behavior on the fly. Prove out the idea before investing in costly hardware. Create custom devices through the UI to generate a prototype device in seconds.
  • Validate the solution works as expected from device to solution by simulating real-world device behaviors. Script complex device behaviors using JavaScript to ensure the most accurate simulated device telemetry possible.
  • Build confidence in your solution by simulating both normal, peak, and beyond peak load conditions.
  • Make device simulation your own by modifying our open source code to meet your specific needs.

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