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New Azure IoT Central features available

Published date: October 28, 2019

At IoT Solutions World Congress, we are excited to announce several new Azure IoT Central features designed to help solution builders take their IoT projects from proof of concept to production level.  New features include:

  • 11 new industry-focusedapplication templates to accelerate solution builders across retail, healthcare, government, and energy industries
  • Public APIs to access Azure IoT Central features for device modelling, provisioning, lifecycle management, operations, and data querying
  • Management for edge devices and IoT Edge module deployments
  • Seamless device connectivity with IoT Plug and Play
  • Application export to enable application repeatability
  • Extensibility from no/low code actions to data export to Azure PaaS services
  • Manageability and scale through multitenancy for both device and data sovereignty without sacrificing manageability
  • User access control through custom user roles for data, actions, and configurations in the system
  • Device & data scale to support millions of devices
  • New pricing model for early 2020, designed to help partners have predictable pricing as their business scales 

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