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JetStream Disaster Recovery for Azure VMware Solution now generally available

Published date: November 17, 2021

JetStream Disaster Recovery (DR) protects VMware virtual machines (VMs) in your on-premises data center with failover and VM recovery in Azure VMware Solution. Additionally, VMware VMs already deployed to and running in Azure VMware Solution can be protected with VM failover and recovery to an alternate Azure VMware Solution data center.

The JetStream solution leverages continuous data protection (CDP) for minimal or close to no data loss and offers lower infrastructure costs as the data from protected VMs are maintained in Azure Blob Storage. With JetStream DR, you can replicate data into an object store and pay only a fraction of the cost per gigabyte compared to file system-based storage.

JetStream DR is validated for Azure VMware Solution and offers unique capabilities including:

  • Cost-Effective DR: Maintains VMs and their data in Azure Blob Storage, enabling enterprise-grade DR at a lower cost of operation.
  • Agentless CDP: Captures and replicates data continuously via VMware IO Filters for continuous data protection without VM agents.
  • vSphere to vSphere Recovery: Supports Azure VMware Solution, so you no longer need to maintain a failover site. They can fail over to Azure VMware Solution and fail back when the original protected data center is restored.
  • Storage-Independent: Protects VMs with any VMware-compatible datastore types: block, file, vSAN, VVOL and third-party HCI.
  • Live Failback: Returns VMs to the protected site from Azure VMware Solution without interruption to VMs’ operation or protection.
  • Decoupled Design: Azure Blob Storage is more than just a journal or “cold data tier” — it is the repository for all VMs, data, configuration metadata, and recovery policies.

JetStream DR is available through the Azure Marketplace, or directly from JetStream Software. For more details including installation of Jetstream DR on Azure VMware Solution, please review the Microsoft Docs page. Additionally, for more information, you can also reference the JetStream page.

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