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Azure Automation is retiring Agent-based User Hybrid Runbook Worker (Windows & Linux) on 31 August 2024

Published date: March 24, 2023

On 31 August 2024, we’ll retire Azure Automation Agent-based User Hybrid Runbook Worker. Before that date, please migrate to Extension-based User Hybrid Worker.

User Hybrid Worker enables execution of PowerShell/Python scripts directly on the machines for managing guest workloads or as a gateway to environments that are not accessible from Azure. Azure Automation is deprecating agent-based User Hybrid Runbook Worker (Windows and Linux) on 31 August 2024. You need to migrate all Hybrid Runbook Workers to Extension-based User Hybrid Runbook Worker (Windows & Linux) before the deprecation date.

Key benefits of extension-based User Hybrid Runbook Worker:

  • It uses VM System-assigned managed identities, so you don't need to manage certificates for authentication.
  • It offers Automatic upgrade of minor versions by default.
  • It simplifies at-scale management of hybrid workers with a native integration with Azure Resource Manager and governance with Azure Policy.

After installation of Hybrid Worker extension, the process of runbook execution on both Hybrid Workers is the same.


Required Action

Follow the instructions to migrate your existing agent-based User Hybrid Runbook Workers to extension-based Hybrid Workers before 31 August 2024.

We recommend using the Extension-based approach for all new Hybrid Runbook Workers.


Additional information

This Retirement announcement applies only to Agent-based User Hybrid Runbook Worker feature of Azure Automation. It does not include Agent-based System Hybrid Runbook Worker used by Azure Automation Update Management.


Help and support 


If you have questions, ask community experts in Microsoft Q&A. If you have a support plan and you need technical help, please create a support request.

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