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Public preview: Migration tools for Azure Monitor Agent

Published date: July 06, 2022

Azure Monitor Agent (AMA) provides a secure, cost-effective, simplified, and performant way to collect telemetry data from Azure Virtual Machines, Virtual Machine Scale Sets, Arc-enabled servers, and Windows client devices. You must migrate from Log Analytics agent (MMA or OMS agents) to this agent before August 2024. To make this process easier for you, we are launching public preview today of agent migration tools.

You can now automate the migration of agents using these tools along with built-in policies (see diagram below). This guidance is currently for migration involving no additional solutions or services, i.e. scoped to collection of Windows event logs, Linux syslog, and performance counters.

  • AMA Migration Helper: A workbook-based solution in Azure Monitor that helps you discover what to migrate and track progress as you move from legacy agents to Azure Monitor agent on your virtual machines, scale sets, on premise and Arc-enabled servers in your subscriptions. Use this single glass pane view to expedite your agent migration journey. Learn more.
  • DCR Config Generator: The Azure Monitor agent relies only on Data Collection rules for configuration, whereas the legacy agent pulled all its configuration from Log Analytics workspaces. Use this script to parse legacy agent configuration from your workspaces and automatically generate corresponding rules. You can then associate the rules to machines running the new agent using built-in association policies. Learn more

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