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Public Preview: Azure Monitor container insights offers customizable cost optimization settings

Published date: March 01, 2023

Container insights now offers two dimensions for adjusting their container insights data collection settings in frequency and namespace. This new feature enables users to specify how often to collect data between 1 and 30 minutes at one minute increments. And users can opt to include or exclude certain namespaces from their data ingestion.

The settings apply to all container insights tables (excluding ContainerLog), as listed below:

  • Perf
  • InsightsMetrics
  • ContainerInventory
  • ContainerNodeInventory
  • KubeNodeInventory
  • KubePodInventory
  • KubePVInventory
  • KubeServices
  • KubeEvents

Please note that toggling these settings may affect your existing dashboards, workbooks, alerts and other queries running off of these tables.

By reducing your container insights data footprint, you can reduce the total amount of ingestion and billing incurred from Log Analytics.

Learn how to setup the cost optimization settings:

For additional guidance on how to manage your container insights cost:

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  • Features

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