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Preview: Save Azure Backup Recovery Services Agent (MARS) passphrase to Azure Key Vault

Published date: September 14, 2023

Now, you can save your Azure Recovery Services Agent encryption passphrase in Azure Key Vault directly from the console, making the Recovery Services Agent installation seamless and secure.

Azure Backup using the Recovery Services Agent (MARS) allows you back up files/folders and system state data to Azure Recovery Services vault. This data is encrypted using a passphrase you provide during the installation and registration of the MARS agent.

This passphrase is required to retrieve and restore the backup data and needs to be saved in a secure external location like Azure Key Vault. With this capability, you can seamlessly save your passphrase to Azure Key Vault from the Recovery Services Agent console during installation instead of using custom scripts.

This capability is available with Recovery Services Agent version 2.0.9254.0 or higher.

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