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Generally available: Azure Monitor support for Availability Zones

Published date: September 01, 2021

Azure regions are made of datacenters, inter-connected through a regional low-latency network. Some regions have Availability Zones – separate physical locations, each made up of one or more datacenters equipped with independent power, cooling, and networking. The independent infrastructure serving each zone means better resilience, as an incident in one of the systems on one zone won’t affect resources on other zones.

Azure Monitor support for Availability Zones means that on these regions (West US 2 and East US 2), the components and resources underlying Azure Monitor services can now provide better resilience by using AZ-aware infrastructure, such as zone redundant storage (ZRS) accounts that are managed across zones, and not limited to a specific zone. That enables our processes and resources to remain operational even a specific zone is malfunctioning or completely down.

Read the Azure Monitor Dedicated Clusters documentation

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