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Azure Backup for SAP HANA: Incremental backup is now generally available

Published date: March 01, 2021

Announcing support for HANA Incremental backups from Azure Backup for SAP HANA backup solution is now generally available across all Azure regions except for Germany Northeast, Germany Central, France South, and US Gov IOWA. Now protect larger DBs faster with cost-effective, low performance impacting backup policies such as Weekly fulls and daily HANA incrementals.

Azure Backup is the native backup solution for Azure and is BackInt certified by SAP. This offering aligns with the Azure Backup mantra of zero-infrastructure backups, eliminating the need to deploy and manage backup infrastructure. Use this capability to seamlessly backup and restore SAP HANA databases running on Azure Virtual Machines—the M-series of virtual machines is also supported—and take advantage of the enterprise management capabilities that Azure Backup provides.

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