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Azure Archive Expanded Capabilities now in Public Preview

Published date: August 20, 2019

We are announcing 3 new feature enhancements for Block Blob and Archive Storage in public preview that make our service faster, simpler, and better.

  1. Priority retrieval from Azure Archive - High rehydrate-priority fulfills the need for emergency data rehydrate from archive, with retrievals for blobs of a few GB, typically taking less than one hour.
  1. Upload blob direct to access tier of choice – The PutBlob or PutBlockList API now allows you to upload your blob data directly to any access tier (hot, cool, or archive). This enables customers to write cold data from on-premise directly to Azure Archive, realizing their cost savings immediately.
  1. CopyBlob enhanced capabilities – The CopyBlob API is now able to support the archive access tier; allowing you to copy data into and out of the archive access tier within the same storage account. It also includes support for the above 2 features, Priority Retrieval and Direct to tier of choice.

Please read our blog announcement to learn more about our enhanced capabilities.                                       

We will continue to improve our Archive and Blob Storage services and are looking forward to hearing feedback from our customers.

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