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Autoscale provisioned throughput for Azure Cosmos DB

Published date: May 19, 2020

Now in general availability, autoscale provisioned throughput (called “autopilot mode” in preview) is a new pricing model for Azure Cosmos DB. With autoscale, SLAs are maintained while the service automatically and instantly scales up to a customer-specified maximum to meet the needs of unpredictable, high-throughput workloads. Autoscale eliminates the need to monitor capacity and can be paired with Azure Cosmos DB free tier.

Several new features and capabilities are also being introduced for autoscale and are available for all APIs. These new features include the ability to set a custom maximum provisioned throughput level in request units (RU/s), enable autoscale on existing databases and containers, and programmatic support through Azure Cosmos DB SDKs and Azure Resource Manager. Azure CLI and PowerShell support will be available soon.

Try autoscale on a database or container today and visit the pricing page for more details.

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