Azure Site Recovery

Customize your automatic update settings for Azure Virtual Machine disaster recovery


When we released the capability of automatic update of agents used in disaster recovery of Azure VMs, the most frequent feedback we received was related to access control. The request from customers was to allow them to provide a previously created automation account – approved and created by a person who is entrusted with the right access in the subscription.

Program Manager II, R&D Compute

クラウドへの移行を促進する Azure Migrate と Azure Site Recovery の新機能


マイクロソフトは、お客様のクラウドへの移行とデジタル トランスフォーメーションを支援するために継続的にサービス強化を行っています。こうしたサービス強化については、「Windows Server と SQL Server のお客様に Azure が選ばれる 3 つの理由」でも紹介していますので、そちらもぜひご覧ください。

Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Azure

Know exactly how much it will cost for enabling DR to your Azure VMs


Azure offers built-in disaster recovery (DR) solution for Azure Virtual Machines through Azure Site Recovery. In addition to the broadest global coverage, Azure has the most comprehensive resiliency strategy in the industry from mitigating rack level failures with Availability Sets and data center failures with Availability Zones to protecting against large-scale events with failover to separate regions with Azure Site Recovery.

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