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Enterprise Cloud Strategy, 2nd Edition

A roadmap to becoming a cloud-centric company I’m delighted to announce the second edition of our free ebook, Enterprise Cloud Strategy, written by Barry Briggs and myself. Download the ebook for…

A roadmap to becoming a cloud-centric company

I’m delighted to announce the second edition of our free e-book, Enterprise Cloud Strategy, written by Barry Briggs and myself. Get your copy of the e-book

Much has changed in the two years since we published the first edition. Cloud computing has evolved from a technology that delivers efficiencies and cost savings, to a technology that also transforms the scope of IT and business operations with new opportunities.

The questions around the cloud have gone from “if” to “when” and “how.”

Learn how to shape the efficient enterprise cloud transformation

In the second edition, you’ll find best practices and guidance on how to get started, and which applications to consider first in your cloud migration. After the technical exercise of migrating applications, the journey starts for the rest of the organization. The cloud can and should begin transforming your business with greater scale, integration, and richer capabilities.

The book is based on real-world experiences from enterprise IT and seeks to answer a new question, “How can I use cloud computing to become a true partner to the business?” You’ll come away with an understanding of the three stages of cloud migration – experimentation, migration, and transformation – and how to plan and build strategies that involve all departments of the business.

With your organization’s data in the cloud, how do you integrate your migrated applications to take maximum advantage of new cloud services like big data analytics, machine learning, and Internet of Things? What new skills and new roles are needed? How do you appropriately involve various business units in the decision-making process?

“The move to the cloud has opened many opportunities. With it comes the need for best practices and guidance of how to adopt cloud platforms with enterprise-grade rigor and governance. This book fills this much-needed gap in a clear, concise, and practical way. It is an easy read, too.”

– Gavriella Schuster, Corporate Vice President, Channels & Programs, One Commercial Partner,  Microsoft

Enterprise Cloud Strategy, 2nd Edition is organized for cloud experts and novices alike, with chapters dedicated to understanding the different types of cloud, application models, and cloud journeys; all the way to planning and implementing a cloud transformation.

About the authors

Barry Briggs, an independent consultant, has a long history in software and enterprise computing. He served in a several roles during his twelve-year career at Microsoft, most recently as chief enterprise architect on the Microsoft DX (Developer Experience) team. Previously Barry served as chief architect and CTO for Microsoft’s IT organization, where he created and led Microsoft IT’s cloud strategy team.

Eduardo Kassner is the Chief Technology and Innovation Officer for the Worldwide Channels & Programs Group at Microsoft Corporation. His team is responsible for defining the strategy and developing the programs to drive the technical capacity, practice development, and profitability for the hundreds of thousands Microsoft partners worldwide. He recently co-wrote and published the first edition of Enterprise Cloud Strategy published by Microsoft Press, which has been downloaded more than 250,00 times from the Azure.com website.

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