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Visual Studio supports creating and deploying App Service Logic Apps

Published date: May 01, 2015
At //Build, we announced a number of new capabilities for Logic Apps. (For more information, watch the //Build session.) Most importantly, you can now create and deploy Logic app from Visual Studio!LogicAppSelectAzureTemplateThis means you can check-in your Logic App definition to source control (TFS or Git) and deploy it with all of the other assets for your application. For more information, see Deploy from Visual Studio. With the built-in IntelliSense, you can also use Visual Studio to edit the JSON of your Logic Apps. Use different parameter files to separate your configuration for dev, stage, and production environments.Additionally, we:
  • Created a Trigger History blade that shows you every time a trigger tried to run.
    • Use this to debug why your Logic App did not trigger when you thought it should.
    • See which run was started (if any), because the full outputs of the triggers are here.
  • Added more entry points to Edit to make it easier to update your definition.
  • Enabled you to drop multiple expressions into a single field by using string interpolation.
We also heard that it has been somewhat challenging to know what certain parameters are or what error messages mean, so we worked to improve that experience by adding:
  • Description Help-bubbles to action names and some parameters
  • A documentation link inside the gear action for every API app
  • Documentation links inside the API's error messages
If you want to change your credentials (or they expire), you can now reauthorize a connector from the gear menu. We also corrected an issue where math functions couldn't take integers and floats at the same time.
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