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General availability: Python 2 runbook support in Azure Automation

Data di pubblicazione: 17 settembre, 2018

Python 2 runbook support in Azure Automation is generally available.

You can now import, author, and run Python 2 runbooks in Azure or on a Hybrid Runbook Worker. This includes the ability to upload Python 2 packages to be imported by Python 2 runbooks running serverlessly in Azure. It also includes the ability to use other Automation resources, such as schedules, variables, connections, and credentials. Supported package types include Python wheel packages and packages that have been source distribution compressed in the *.tar.gz format. 

Learn more about how to get started with Python 2 runbooks in the My first Python runbook tutorial. Learn more about importing Python 2 packages in the Manage Python 2 packages in Azure Automation article.



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