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New updates to Azure Machine Learning in preview

Published date: September 24, 2018

The following new capabilities for Azure Machine Learning are now available in preview:

Azure Machine Learning service Python SDK—Integrate with your favorite Python development environment, including Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio, PyCharm, Azure Databricks notebooks, or Jupyter notebooks.

Automated machine learning and hyper-parameter tuning—Identify the best algorithms faster with automated machine learning, and find the best model efficiently with intelligent hyper-parameter tuning.

Distributed deep learning—Build better models faster with massive, managed GPU clusters. Train models quickly with distributed deep learning.

Model management—Manage your Dockerized models using models and images registry, and integrate into your continuous integration (CI/CD) pipeline.

Hardware accelerated inferencing—Access powerful FPGAs for high speed image classification and recognition scenarios. Supported models include: ResNet 50; ResNet 152; VGG-16; SSD-VGG; and DenseNet-121 that can be trained using your data.

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