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Generally Available: Azure Container Apps support for UDR, NAT Gateway, and smaller subnets

Published date: August 30, 2023

User defined routes (UDR), NAT Gateway, and smaller required subnet sizes are now generally available for Azure Container Apps on the new workload profiles environment type. Workload profiles environments support both the consumption and dedicated plans.

You can define UDRs to manage how outbound traffic is routed to your container app environment’s subnet by enabling network appliances such as firewalls for workload profiles environments.

When using a workload profiles environment, you can also configure a NAT Gateway to provide a static public IP address for all outbound traffic from your container apps.

In addition, with workload profiles environment, the minimum subnet size required is a /27 CIDR. A minimum subnet size of /23 is still required for container apps created on the consumption only environment type.

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