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Public preview: Metrics and Metric alerts for Azure Backup

Published date: November 02, 2021

Azure Backup now provides a set of built-in metrics via Azure Monitor that allow you to monitor the health of your backups. You can also configure alert rules that trigger alerts when metrics exceed the defined thresholds.

This integration offers the following key capabilities:

  • Ability to view out-of-the-box metrics related to the backup and restore health of your backup items along with associated trends.
  • Ability to write custom alert rules on these metrics to efficiently monitor the health of your backup items.
  • Ability to route fired metric alerts to various notification channels that Azure Monitor supports, such as email, ITSM, webhook, logic apps, and so on.

Currently, Azure Backup supports built-in metrics for the following workload types:

  • Azure VM
  • SQL databases in Azure VM
  • SAP HANA databases in Azure VM
  • Azure Files.

For more details, see Monitor the health of your backups using Azure Backup Metrics (preview).

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